Remington Defense, Daniel Defense, Hera Arms, Arsenal Firearms, Bushmaster, DPMS, Armalite, STAG Arms

Good weapons systems designed to meet the requirements for quality and reliability are a crucial factor for mission success. Rigg AS is a distributor of Remington Defense and HERA arms, providing a wide range of weapon systems of high quality.

Cleaning equipment

Otis, Froglube, FireClean

Proper maintenance of weapons and equipment is not only important to ensure proper operation, but also to increase longevity and prevent damage to equipment and operator. We carry a wide range of cleaning equipment and cleaning products from leading suppliers. Both Froglube and Fire Clean are revolutionary in many ways. They are extremely effective and do not contain harmful chemicals. These factors contribute to make these brands recommended for both weapons / equipment, the user and the environment.

Weapon Accessories

Magpul, Hera Arms, Weaver Optics, US Optics, Blackhawk

We carry a large variety of weapons accessories, from slings to gun holsters, magazines, pistol grips and front grips, stocks, as well as optics. Choosing the best weapon accessories based on the mission is an important factor, to ensure that you have equipment that is suited to the task. Rigg AS carries leading brands such as HERA, Magpul, CAA and BlackHawk.

Shooting targets

MilPro, Laserammo, Action Targets, Birchwood Casey

We supply a wide range of target and range equipmentl for short and long distance shooting. We sell mechanical targets, static steel targets, paper targets etc. We also have partners who develop equipment for a total shooting facility solution.

Tactical Nylon

High Speed Gear, Eagle, Blackhawk, Hazard4, Tasmanian Tiger, MMI, Maxpedition, Explosive Ops Gear, Combatkit

In time-critical and stressful situations that occur on the battlefield, it is essential that you have equipment that works as it should, and does not interfere with mission success. Rigg AS supplies tactical nylon from leading vendors T3 Gear, HSGI, Tasmanian Tiger, Blackhawk and Maxpedition. Here you will find everything from MOLLE pouches, load bearing vests and packs, many different varieties, all that is needed to adapt the equipment to your mission and your needs.


Engarde, PPSS, United Shield, Cooneen Protection

We can provide personal protective equipment that offers protection against a broad spectrum of threats, from simple stab-resistant vests to protection against handgun and rifle projectiles. We also provide helmets of different design, knee and elbow pads, cut resistant gloves, and more. We carry brands like Cooneen Protection, EnGarde, PPSS, Hex Armor, United Shield and others.


VertX, Blackhawk, Altama, Cooneen Defence, Propper, Original SWAT

Proper clothing is important in order to deal with severe weather and different situations you may find yourself in. Rigg AS carries a broad range of clothing products, everything from head to toe, inside and out. We carry brands like Cooneen Defence, Blackhawk, Adventure Tech / Propper, Hazard 4, Aclima, Under Armour and others.

Combat Gear

Suunto, BCB Int, LedWave, Oakley, Betalight, ESEE, Klarus, Drytech, Vestey Foods

We supply everything from field management tools, survival equipment, flashlights and headlamps, medical equipment, camouflage products, knives and more. We have what you need to make life easier on a mission, freeing up capacity to focus on important things.