About Rigg AS

who are we and what do we do?

About us

Rigg AS is a reseller of military, tactical and safety equipment for end-users and professional clients and employees of defense, the police and security companies in Norway. We focus on providing a wide range of products, primarily within the personal equipment, weapons and accessories, and related equipment. Rigg AS has a large network of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers with quality products, designed for users who require equipment that works in challenging situations.

What do we do?

  • Product and brand promotions to defense agencies, military, police and corporate clients
  • Direct sales to end customers via their own online stores (norsegear, Provakt, 2Alfa and Våpenverkstedet
  • Distribution to retailers

Why USE Rigg AS?

  • Over 20 yrs experience in the business
  • Local knowledge and precense in Norway
  • Warehouse and showroom in Oslo city center
  • Long term relationships
  • Veteran owned small business


RIGG AS (Armygear AS) took shape in early 1999, but started in earnest first 11 October 1999 when armygear.com domain name was registered. The first years were Armygear driven by other companies. Primarily, it sold various equipment, such as Leatherman and Maglite to students at the Military Academy at Linderud.

Corporation Armygear AS was established on 1 December 2001 as a project with participants from IT, defense and security industry. The goal was to create an online store offering quality equipment for professionals, such as defense and security sector, police, prisons etc. Furthermore, the Armygear focus on customer service. Since its inception, Armygear AS focused on quality equipment to individuals in the professional market. Although the product selection has been replaced and brands have come and gone, this is one of the cornerstones of the organization.

The company changed its name from Armygear AS to Rigg AS in March 2008.


In April 2011, we completed our largest investment and reorganization of logistics since its inception over 10 years ago. We implemented a warehouse management system that surpasses most players in our industry. All our systems are now integrated, which gives far better and less resource intensive information flow. Products in the store are machine-readable marking, which is also implemented in the warehouse rest. Hand Terminals used for goods in and out of the warehouse, real-time updated stock status and prices can be synchronized with our retailers systems, B2B shopping, e-mail invoice etc. ..


Joachim Riise

e-mail: jr@rigg.no
phone: (+47) 21 98 60 32

Joachim Riise was involved in the establishemt of Armygear in 1999. He is an retired officer in the Norwegian Military and has a bachelor in economics and computer management. He has been involved in multiple business ventures and has also worked in the security industry. He is currently the general manager and owner of Rigg AS Tactical Group.

Tore Haugli
Military Projects Sales Manager

e-mail: th@rigg.no
phone: (+47) 21 98 60 34

Tore Haugli has served in the Norwegian Military for 11 years as a private and NCO. His main experience is from infantry and reconnaissance and has served both in Norway and international operations. He has broad experience with military weapons and equipment through his military service, and has also been involved with various equipment projects for the Norwegian military.

Didrik Sørlie

e-mail: ds@rigg.no
phone: (+47) 21 98 60 30

Didrik is an active shooter on the Norwegian National Rifle Team. He is our gunsmith and customerservice rep. for 2Alfa.

Kristine Urke
Order Fullfillment / Purchasing

e-mail: kur@rigg.no
phone: (+47) 21 98 60 30

Kristine has long experiense running her own business in the sporting goods industry. She is responsible for purchasing and order fullfillment.

Søren Sjølund

e-mail: ss@rigg.no
phone: (+47) 21 98 60 33

Søren has worked with warehouse and logisticsservices for many years. He is in charge of warehouse as well as inbound and outgoing stock flow.